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ISDA believes accounting boards' proposal to report derivatives on a gross basis rather than a net basis on the balance sheet can obscure the real position of the entity

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) welcomes the efforts of the International Accounting Standards Board and the Financial Accounting Standards Board to seek convergence on their current US GAAP and IFRS models regarding ...

Waiver of mandatory clearing requirements for certain OTC derivatives would reduce risk

The waiver of mandatory clearing requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act for certain OTC derivatives transactions would reduce risk in the financial system and help to achieve the risk-reduction goals of the Act,...

Five largest US-based dealers hold 37 percent of total notional amount outstanding of interest rate, credit, and equity derivatives

At its 2010 Regional Conference in Hong Kong , the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA)  on October 25, 2010 provided new statistics regarding the concentration of OTC derivatives activity among major market participants....

SWIFT to reduce message prices by an average 20 percent

SWIFT, the provider of global financial messaging services, announced on September 16 th, 2010 that it is reducing the price of messages on its core FIN service by an average of 20 percent. This will represent an estimated saving of EUR 70 ...

New FSB-BCBS assessment: Stronger capital and liquidity standards are likely to have a modest impact on aggregate output.

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) and Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS)  published  on August 18, 2010 reports prepared as inputs to the calibration of the new bank capital and liquidity standards and to inform the transition ...

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EU US Swift agreement: new text

The new version of the SWIFT anti-terrorist agreement on bank data transfers to the USA was approved by the European Parliament on July 8 th, 2010. MEPs rejected the agreement in its previous form four months ago but since then have negotiated certain safeguards for Europe's citizens and won an undertaking that the EU will start work in the second half of this year on a European data processing system that precludes the need to transfer data in bulk to the USA.

G-20 Toronto summit declaration

In Toronto the G-20 held its first Summit in its new capacity as the premier forum for our international economic cooperation on Hune 26-27, 2010. The G-20 has agreed on the next steps we should take to ensure a full return to growth with quality jobs, to reform and strengthen financial systems, and to create strong, sustainable and balanced global growth.

Further reforming the RMB exchange rate regime 2010, June

In view of the economic and financial development in China and abroad, particularly China’s Balance of Payments (BOP) situation, the People’s Bank of China (PBC) has decided to further reform the RMB exchange rate regime and increase the RMB exchange rate flexibility.

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Ten questions on ACI education after the crisis and more

Philip Parker has considerable experience as a dealer in the international financial markets. After his banking career of more then 25 years he started his own training company. Training financial markets professionals all over the world for ACI - The Financial Markets Association qualifications. Ten questions to a real professional and an enthusiastic educator.